See the irony? So, it is about Him and His Will. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross Board Book. Jump to. The goal of Science is to discover the truth, WHEREVER THAT LEADS. Why did the King of the Universe come in such a poor state? First, if we love Him we will obey. A boy was asking his mother, the purpose of Shabbat. Dig deep in the well of worship. Books from  Christian celebrities,  going to conferences, emotional revivals, and worse; are prophecies or dreams that predict the future! He knows. Share your comments. So how do we become a person after God's heart? Join Ric Joyner of Bible Study Company in a prayer and worship time through King David's Psalm 4. This is reflected in the scripture Titus 2:11- end of the chapter. #prophecy #trumpprophecy #electionresults #biblestudy #falseprophets, CLICK BELOW FOR THE MEDIA FORMAT YOU WILL LIKE. So place your sins on Him and turn away from your sin but ask God to help you to change. Shop Bible Studies All New Books Of The Bible ... Every time you purchase a study, you will get free access to that study in The Daily Grace Co. App! EPISODE SUMMARY What if the Shabbat has lessons to teach us about the character of God and even our lack of dependence on God? The majority of the Psalms were written by David to worship the Lord. HMMM. We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. This action (faith in God's word) led to an entire nation and eventually, our faith in Christ. ONLINE STUDY BIBLE COMMUNITY. Episode Notes They were in bondage to the world system in Egypt and when Jesus was on the scene, and Christ said: "Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sins is a slave of sin" John 8:34, So there is a spiritual side to bondage and Egypt is a typology of the world. It doesn't. I’ve learned so much through this process and have felt closer to the Lord than ever before! So our approach to the "science" matters. This is very hurtful and disrespectful to God and Moses since He just got done rescuing them and fed and watered them in the desert and actually created a climate-controlled environment. By being buried in the desert of "man's" opinions versus being allowed into the promised land. How will we respond to God? What is God's will for you? If you are too far in, you will dismiss this blog and video without asking the question. We cover the restoration theme of the Bible from start to finish in one episode which clearly shows that God's Will for us is to fellowship with Him in a garden. Mark and Lorri Lorentz join us for table talk! It is your work to believe in Jesus Christ and place your sin on Him to rescue you from this world that is in the process of dying. Be cautious to not go with the flow. Why Christmas is so important. Here is what real prophets do the Lord says: Jer 23:22 But if they had stood in My council,  Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way, And from the evil of their deeds. Our God is in control of everything. We must not. So Moses thought. We are rapidly converging prophetic events in the world toward the end times. Join us for this Podcast for Pewsitters. Yeah, let that sink in. Our podcast goes into detail about some of the problems we see in the church today. Once we begin to obey God, He begins to move in our lives and hearts. But in this case, it matters to us who are bible studiers searching for the correct interpretation of the Bible to get to the revelation of God. That should cause us serious pause. We want to find God's perspective in Scripture. He journeyed to a foreign land based on God's word to him. We also explained that the bible is 66 books with 37 authors! We can act like this in the face of understanding God's word and the call to change. BTW our friend? How do we know we sin? Now ask yourself questions. You will go on a journey with God. Notice the word commandments. It is the universe and all that is in it. Moses expressed to God, that God indeed made a mistake in choosing him to help in God's redemptive plan. is the largest free online Bible website for verse search and in-depth studies. •What is the cure for deception? The power of God to change will come upon us. Isaiah 30:15 says: 15 For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said, "In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength. Healing? By understanding Exodus 32 patterns we can begin to see how we can understand and analyze sermons. We are taking a fresh look at the Sabbath or Shabbat. Be careful with God's word. Our home is not this world but with Him. Not trusting all of our future outcomes on God Almighty. Notice vs 33. And that is why it is a choice. Why? We also live in a world full of sin and death. Please share to help us grow. Selah ” Psalm 61:5 (Verse 4 English) Then again, “ The L-rd will recompense your action, and a complete reward will be from the L-rd G-d of Israel, Whom you have come to take shelter under His wings .” God is outside space and time. How many times have you struggled with "thou shalt nots" of Scripture? Is God on the throne of His creation? We were not prepared for the impact of correctly studying God's word had on our life when we first started. Search verses using the translation and version you like with over 29 to choose from including King James (KJV), New International (NIV), New American Standard (NASB), The Message, New Living (NLT), Holman Christian Standard (HCSB),English Standard (ESV), and many more versions of the Holy Bible. Whatever you call your Bible-study group—whether it's a small group, cell group, growth group or home group—we have a number of Bible studies to help to learn from God's word together. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Dr. Baruch opens up the Scripture to see the next events on God's timeline. And there are many versions of evolution as well! Did you know that in Exodus 34: 28  After Moses saw the golden calf and broke the tablets, and begging God to forgive the people, that the Lord called Moses up to the mountain? No. Does this title make you tired already? Pray and ask Him to forgive your sin and get in line with His will. Join our podcast and video. Can we decipher between half-truths and the whole truth? The Lord wants us to be ready and prepared. We felt this way once. Our eyes are then open to the reality that redemption is possible through our Savior Christ and our desire to Obey and Serve him comes from pure gratitude and LOVE! Will we make a choice to follow God's word with His help? Titus 2:11-12. I am sorry for worshipping false gods of people, expectations, and lustful desires. What is the purpose? Go to Deut 28 whole chapter. var target = document.getElementById("subsplash-embed-dq68");var script = document.createElement("script");script.type = "text/javascript";script.onload = function() {subsplashEmbed("+dq68/ap","","subsplash-embed-dq68");};script.src = "";target.parentElement.insertBefore(script, target); Did our testimony. Art Gallery. Why do we need to study the Bible? Yes. Now try using His power! Scripture is a type of narrative. Here is what God calls love. What if we come back to Him with this: "Lord, I "got" nothing. With Covid 19, we can almost put ourselves there! He will start you on a journey that will change all areas of your life. Just serve Him right where you are. Known for its speed, ease of use, and flexibility, Accordance removes the common roadblocks to scriptural insight by keeping the Bible central to your studies. 5. We have been through some SCARRY SITUATIONS and are still going through some long term heart-wrenchers. Why? In this podcast or video, Dr. Baruch shares how we can begin to study like a disciple. God is literally revealing himself to Moses through a "image of a man" in a burning bush. Exodus 4 Part 3 In Exodus 4 Part 3 we will deal with the other 4 items. Will we in our testing? The Bible Study has been a very practical guide for me to stay accountable reading the Bible. Do we get angry at other people? WE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT FEAR OF HIM TO OFFEND HIM. Six literal days matters! But whose standard are we deciding by? We can then make the case that studying the bible is following Christ. Let that sink in. Moses not only had the King of Egypt angry with him but also the very people he was trying to help. Yep! Podcasts and YouTube presentations. Answer: To show that we need nothing from this world expect dependence on God, and He will give us all we need if we seek His Kingdom rulership in our lives. We even had one ourselves. The Lord always calls us to submit our lives to Him and His word. Do we want to live our lives in our own strength? What is the effect, you may ask? It is just the beginning of an awakened Spirit that can now experience revelation and understanding where we couldn't before. How do we line up with the plans and purposes of God? But are you ready? We are excited to have you join us. As a husband and father, I personally love the "call to Shabbat" by honoring the wife by declaring: "A woman of valor, who can find? Is this the right thing to do? Bible verses of faith are of interest as well. Here is an example from Graham Cooke's Lattitude and Indulgence: Meaning, that like in the reformation of church history, the Christians went back to the Bible. 4. We have many definitions, but what is the real one? $11.99 by Ric and Mary Joyner. Join us for these videos. 1. He hears ours as well. Will you open the Gift? Because God has given us the Word of God to reveal Himself to us. The first part perfectly describes a church we were in many years ago. Because it was the worst human experience that people could do to others as human "justice". Dr. Baruch Korman of is covering this important topic. The Lord will help us if we are committed to His plans and purposes. From Romans 9:1-16 Part 1, Dr. Baruch Korman shares at the First Annual User Conference why we as Pewsitters need to study God's word. God's shoes or our shoes? Consider us standalone. Do we agonize over the decision that created this mess? We are offering new glasses for you to put on as a bible study tool for 2021 and beyond. Let's not conform to these words of men. Our life changed dramatically when we changed our position to study the bible to be obedient to the word of God. Nonprofit Organization. Don't forget to share it with friends! Comforting isn't it? If we are serious about Scripture, He may open up the word to us. But is this a correct point of view? We think you will find this podcast interesting and worth your time. The answer is yes. But God is able to show us our motives. A person who has been a Christian for many years but struggled with reading the bible. Yes, a choice. Teaching love without Holiness is false teaching. We can obey the Scripture by putting our hearts up against the Word of God, as Moses is now doing in Exodus 3 Part 3. Waiting. Pharaoh's response was exactly as God intended. Titus 2:11-12 When we are moving away from ungodliness and being obedient to God's word we are in grace. We need God's perspective. If there is making excuses or twisting the original meanings of the Scripture to accommodate what the Bible calls sin, then this is NOT the HOLY SPIRIT but is calling evil good...and worse excusing evil in the name of God. Share your favorites with But first, he discusses Moses. The gifts of the holy spirit are for every day. We reflect His righteousness out to the world. Will we submit to His word before circumstances get beyond our control? First Annual Bible Study Company Conference. •3. Eternal death. John 14:15. Why? This means studying the  Word of God for ourselves, but we need proper training. This helps us with our budget. "What did you just say, Ric?" In Exodus 3 Part 4, Moses is confronted by God to carry out His will, to free the people enslaved in Egypt. Then the Lord calls us with Grace and gives us the power to turn from evil. What is salvation? It is truly a bible study that is worth your attention. Understanding Biblical Prophecy is so important for those of us who want to study the Bible to be obedient to God. Yes, you can! Bible verses about women are encouraging. Here is a crucial bible study principle. Grab your beverages! We had no idea that our Christian walk could be so different. We want God in our lives, but are we ready to have our commitment to Him challenged? We had a choice in the garden. So here are some "I wants" to keep in mind. For our lives and walk with the Lord, we are going to make mistakes. Bill Johnson will lower Christ to just a spirit-filled man so that you and I have the same power as Christ! Nor take from The Lord Jesus Christ came to do the "Will of My Father." People we encountered have said; "It doesn't feel right in the world, and something is wrong." The children of Israel, in Exodus 7, are an excellent example of how we can slowly become a slave to a system. 1 John 2:26! Going to church and listening to "nice" songs that you can sing to the Lord? Don’t give people authority over you. But in 2019, since we know the story ending, let's ask some questions. EXPLORE the SYMBOLISM Learn more about historic locations & people. We could also apply that to those that don't believe in God, right? But some people in the science world say you cannot be objective if you believe in God. Did you know spiritual warfare can come through people? And Moses fled Egypt. For over 25 years, Accordance Bible Software has been equipping pastors, students, professors, and serious laypersons to engage in deep study of the Bible. Why? Next, which is Phase 2, we will perpetuate the same indoctrination by encouraging and sharing others to be a part of these false words and false teachers. Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin 29 yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. Biblestudycompany is a free online bible. No. Now go read Titus 2:11-12 because this is the definition of grace. We are going back to the Bible. It is a breath of fresh air that Dr. Goepfrich, who was not in Pentecostal or Charismatic churches, has a tough time understanding "our thinking" and this provides us with great fodder for our discussion. Christ did this too in all of His sufferings. We discuss this very question in our podcast. Ask Him to change you. Yes, He does have a house. Are they aligned with God's will? If we are being honest with God, we could pray, "Lord, I am so scared, and I think I will fail you." God confronted us on our rebellion. In lieu of our podcast/video this week we are recommending a great sermon by Dr. Gerry Breshears on SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Get Dr. Daniel's books: Heb 13:15. Pew sitters on a path to find out what pleases God, our Creator. Are we reading God's word to know ABOUT him or to KNOW him? Today the church is lacking in teaching about doctrine and theology because it may not "grow" the church. (Prov 1-2) We may get to see into the Living God's heart! Join us for this podcast. He wants you to worship Him through the trials. We could actually say about the 10 commandments; "The 10 wicked revelations of our heart". Dr. Baruch of gives a scriptural defense of what happens when we die. Let's take this lesson of worshiping Him during hard times and ask God for help during trials. Everything in our lives changed. And he said, "As the LORD lives, not one hair of your son shall fall to the ground. For Search Engines: There are many bible verses about love, and there are many bible verses of the day programs. Join Ric and Mary Joyner is this interesting podcast. Then ask for a new heart in our fight against sin and for help in living a praiseworthy life to Him. We are planning a second conference. You will not want to miss this detailed and brief talk. We ask this question: What is the cure? Notice the conditions? Get into the word ourselves. We will grow in our faith to obey His word. ", As the shepherds continued to share what they saw to the new parents, Joseph thought back to discovering Mary being pregnant and the angel said to him, "She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.". So grace is the power of God working in our lives to move us away from evil. 1 "Now it shall be, if you diligently obey the LORD your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the LORD, your God, will set you high above all the nations of the earth. Disciples obey the teacher. Grab those. But do we study the bible to gain that perspective? * How it's reaching the world is new: The show is free, but by "paying it forward," you help ensure people around the world can see it -- we're currently in every country. Let us know if you opened your Gift from Heaven. Ric Joyner gives his thoughts before and after this fun talk. This is crucial for us to note. kum'-pa-ni: The fertility of the original languages in synonyms and varied shades of meaning is seen by the fact that 20 Hebrew and 12 Greek words are represented by this single term. Take a look at some of the themes in Exodus and overlay them in the gospels and you will see the themes there! How do we get that? Read Isaiah 58:13-14. The first question we will ask is who and what are we giving our time and listening to? It mattered to Abraham. We discuss the purpose of bible study company that it is not just a web site and app to study the bible, but it is also a methodology of approach to the bible. Yeah, let that sink in. Let us know what you think. How? Bible verses of faith are of interest as well. Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Pay attention to verse 1. Shall we honor the Shabbat? We are going back to the Bible. Join us for this podcast or video. The Holy Spirit is using the story of Moses to show us that we each have choices as Moses did. WOW. We are studying scripture through a lens to find out … But the exciting theme in Scripture is that God, Who could speak the universe into existence, is impacting the lives of people. WOW. Our hope is we will turn to the objective truth of God's word WHO IS SPEAKING TO US DIRECTLY in the Bible with no need for a man to teach us. Just then shepherds burst into the stable and shouted and pointed all at once: "Just as the angel said there would be a baby, "This will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." He gave into the people and became a FALSE PROPHET. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in times of trouble. But you were not willing...". We have our own range of Good Book Guides, which consists of over 40 titles covering Old and New Testament books, as well as studies on topics such as contentment, the Holy Spirit and the Apostle's Creed. But, starting in Genesis 1, God gives us HIS EYEWITNESS testimony of the His narrative of when He created the universe. "Hey BSC, my church says I am no longer under the law?". The pattern in the tabernacle shows us instructions on how to worship God if we ask God for His assistance to understand. Episode Notes Some answers will give you comfort, and some will clarify. Rarely do people accept this call. Here is the video. Yes, speak for the Maker of Heaven and Earth, The One Who Made us, the One Who redeemed us, and the One who desires we submit to His word. Do you long for adventure? The corona virus, with it is low death rates, but the high fear factor is calling all of us back to dependence on the Lord. Here is an internet definition. Please go to his website and participate in his ministry. In this chapter, Moses and Aaron are in Egypt, and they are speaking to the oppressed Hebrews that are in real trouble and suffering. Here is the video and podcast version of our bible study called Blessing? Our understanding of humility is flawed. Bible verses about women are encouraging. So God is faithful to His word meaning that He keeps His promises. Then read Ex 32. But we don't see ourselves badly. If you click on the word commandments, in BSC you will see the word dabbar, which is revelation from the Lord. We can ask Him to be Lord of our life but what does that mean? Why a cross? For Search Engines: There are many bible verses about love, and there are many bible verse of the day programs. But for those of us who wish to be disciples to live a praiseworthy life to God, we must know how critical doctrine and theology are to our walk with Christ. or 'What will we drink?' I know I can trust in Your great love for me. From the website, Theology is for everyone and With daily bible devotions, I grow. She joined us for our study of Exodus this morning and she had never seen this change of approach and she was heartfelt glad and visibly touched. But the Great Rescue was underway from heaven. For example, he discusses many questions people are asking. But submit to Christ by the renewing of our minds. What are the steps? In Heb 3:10 God shows how angry He was at being mistreated, and disrespected. As Christmas Day dawns, remember the Angel visitations and the Glory of God singing into the night for the whole earth. The second part is how we can get sucked into progressive or social justice churches. Who will we be? Because when we realize that we are serving God Himself, then a greater weight is now upon us. As the shepherds marveled at the "sign" given by God, Mary also remembered her "sign." * How it was financed is new: We're the #1 highest crowd-funded media project of all time -- over $10 million from over 19,000 people. Far beyond pearls is her value. We are in our study of Exodus. The pause button will be your best friend!

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